Sexist Comments Continue Against Sarah Palin & Hilary Clinton

Donny Deutsch recently made sexist comments about Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and former Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

Deutsch appeared on CNBC‘s Squawk the Street (Watch the video here) and made several misogynistic comments including praising Palin for earning respect through her ability to make men “want to mate with her” and calling Senator Clinton’s loss in the Democratic Primaries a direct result of the fact that she “didn’t put a skirt on.”

Deutsch also said that “if you were gonna sell a new concept, a Woman in Power, to the American people, if it was a cereal, was a product, what ingredients would you put in? Hillary Clinton never figured it out. She (Sarah Palin) figured it out.” Later, he said that it was a “huge lesson that if you have a woman candidate “you gotta first sell her as a woman” before you can sell her as a candidate.”

The blogosphere quickly responded to Deutsch’s comments. A CNBC blogger wrote that, “to imply men want to sleep with [Palin] as a reason for her popularity is about as chauvinist as it comes.” A blogger on Feministing posed the question, “Would he even think to talk about packaging a product in quite so demeaning a way if he were talking about McCain?”


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