Sexual Dysfunction Abounds in U.S.

A survey conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey, reveals that forty-three percent of women and thirty-one percent of men have experienced some type of sexual dysfunction.

Young, single women and older men were most likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction, which was defined as a lack of interest in sex, difficulty in achieving lubrication or erection, or pain during intercourse. Women and men who had suffered sexual abuse or harassment were much more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction than those who did not report a history of abuse.

Other factors that were associated with higher rates of sexual dysfunction included lower educational levels, reductions in pay or social status. Men who had homosexual experiences were more likely than men who have only had heterosexual sex to suffer sexual dysfunction. The same was not true for women. Women who had engaged in sexual experiences with other women were no more likely than those who had not to suffer sexual dysfunction.


Reuters - February 9, 1999

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