Sexually Explicit Magazines Return to Army Exchanges After 10 Year Ban

Penthouse, along with Playgirl and Ultra for Men, returned to Army and Air Force military exchanges this summer after being banned 10 years ago by a Pentagon review board for being sexually explicit. By July, Penthouse was available in more than 500 exchange outlets worldwide, including in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 40 anti-pornography groups plan to appeal to the Pentagon Inspector General.

Penthouse was one of over 200 publications banned by the Resale Activities Board of Review as a result of the 1996 Military Honor and Decency Act, which prohibits the sale of “sexually explicit material,” including audio, films, videos or periodicals, in military resale outlets.

“I know from my 20 years as a prosecutor and as an activist that men involved in porn look at women in a different way. At the military academies, they’re selling the same magazines. Don’t women deserve to be safe in that environment?” Patrick Trueman, special counsel to one of the groups involved, told the Air Force Times. He cited incidents of sexual harassment in the military and other problems that he contends are exacerbated by pornography.


The Air Force Times 9/07

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