Sick, Pregnant Woman in London In Danger of Losing Baby is Jailed Without Bail or Proper Medical Attention

Roisin McAliskey has been imprisoned in an English Prison in relation to a 1996 mortar bomb attack on a British Army barracks in Germany. McAliskey has not been formally charged with anything, she is facing extradition hearings to Germany which will occur sometime in April. Until then, she is being held in solitary confinement and being denied the medical attention she needs in order to recuperate from previous illness and to have her safe pregnancy. British Home Secretary Michael Howard overruled the prison warden’s decision to allow her to walk for an hour in the prison’s garden. A court-appointed physician has reportedly commented that he would lose his medical license if he ever treated a patient the way she is being treated. She currently suffers from serious asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. A midwifery has recommended that McAliskey be transferred to a hospital for treatment. This request was denied because she is being held under tight security and cannot interact with other inmates. Though several people have attempted to put up large amounts of bail for her, courts have denied her bail four times.


Northern Ireland Human Rights Review - January 1997

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