Simpson Prosecutors Present Nicole’s Letter About Beating

In the wrongful death trial against O.J. Simpson, prosecutors presented the defendant with a letter written by his slain ex-wife in which Nicole Brown Simpson said O.J. “beat the holy hell out of me” during a 1986 argument. Nicole’s letter also made reference to “the New Year’s Eve beat-up” which led to Simpson pleading no contest to spousal battery. The letter went on “I called the cops to save my life, whether you believe it or not. I’ve never loved you since or been the same.” In the early weeks of the current civil trial, Simpson said he had “never” beat Nicole. On January 15, the defense lost its bid to an appeals court that 30 additional photos of O.J. Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes not be admitted into evidence. The defense had previously tried to argue that one such picture was a fake before the 30 additional photos taken by another photographer were discovered. Simpson has denied owning a pair of Bruno Magli shoes, the type of shoe believed to have left bloody footprints at the scene of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.


Reuters - January 16, 1997; CNN - January 13, 1997

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