Some U.N. Officials Hiding Behind International Law to Avoid Paying Child Support and Alimony

U.S. Congress Representative Rick Lazio (R-NY) has charged that some United Nations Officials are refusing to pay alimony and child support to families they abandon in the United States, and he charges that the officials are hiding behind international law and U.N. personnel policies to avoid the payments. Diana Boernstein of the U.N. Family Rights Committee has reported that her group has received over 40 letters from ex-wives of U.N. employees complaining that their husbands are not paying U.S. court-ordered support. The husbands either claim diplomatic immunity, which protects them from civil and criminal prosecution, or they rely on international agreements that protect their salaries from garnishments. Representative Lazio has sponsored legislation which would block $10 million in back payments to the United Nations, by the United States, until the organization addresses the problem.


The New York Times - June 10, 1997

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