South African Teachers Responsible For 1/3 Of Schoolgirl Rapes

The Medical Research Council of South Africa, the country’s foremost medial body, released a study that finds teachers responsible for 33% of all rapes of schoolgirls. South Africa has one of the highest instances of rape and child abuse in the world. Last year there were more than 50,000 reported rapes, however, most rapes are unreported and the Medical Research Council estimates that the real number is nine times the reported figure. Over the past ten years the number of rapes of girls 15 years and younger has doubled according to the council. The study cited that a key reason for the rape of children is that men fear contracting AIDS from older women. Also, South African tribal myths that claim sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS have equally contributed to the increased numbers of sexual violence. Tolerance of sexual violence is reinforced by law enforcement officials who fail to treat rape cases with the seriousness they deserve.


The Guardian 9 October 2000, Feminist Global News Wire

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