South African Women Protest Miniskirt Attack

Tuesday hundreds of South African women marched in protest against sexual assault by taxi-drivers. Taxi drivers in the area have targeted women in miniskirts, according to Africa News. The march took place at Noord, a Johannesburg taxi rank, where Nwabusa Ngcukana was sexually assaulted for wearing a miniskirt.

Ngcukana’s attackers stripped, groped, and poured alcohol over her head. She told AfricaNews, “As they stripped me they kept shouting that this is ‘what I wanted’.”

During the protest, some of the women exposed their breasts and thighs as a form of solidarity with women who are powerless.

According to The Times, most of the women wore miniskirts, chanted songs, and held posters reading “We aren’t road signs, you need to respect us,” and “There are no shortcuts to women’s rights.”

Nonhlanhla Mokeona from People Opposing Women Abuse told BBC News, “What we want to highlight is that women have rights— they have the right to choose what to wear.”


BBC News 03/04/2008; The Times 03/04/2008; AfricaNews 03/03/2008

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