South Carolina Bill Would Require 24 Hour Waiting Period Prior to Abortion Procedures

A proposed bill in the South Carolina state legislature would require women to wait for 24 hours after viewing an ultrasound prior to having an abortion. The legislation was approved Wednesday by a House subcommittee and will now move to the South Carolina state House Judiciary Committee.

Currently, South Carolina requires a one hour waiting period after viewing an ultrasound. The state also requires women to receive brochures about fetal development and abortion alternatives prior to undergoing abortion procedures.

Republican Representative Greg Dellaney told NBC that he supports the bill because abortion is “a monumental decision” that deserves “at least a 24-hour waiting period.” Democratic state Representative Todd Rutherford opposes the bill. He told NBC that “I think that most women that are going to have these procedures done know exactly what it is they are doing.” Other critics have cited the fact that a 24 hour waiting period is restrictive and potentially costly to women who live in rural areas and who would have to pay extra for transportation and medical visits.


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