Special Issue of Elle Magazine Focuses on Women in Afghanistan

The most recent issue of the French women’s magazine Elle is completely devoted to covering the women of Afghanistan, the abuses they suffer under the ruling Taliban regime, and the dehumanization they endure. The cover of the fashion magazine shows an Afghan woman, completely covered in the traditional burqa, with a thick piece of mesh over her face through which she must see and breathe. In the Elle interview French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin said that until peace returned to Afghanistan, “Afghan women will continue to be at the mercy of a power which has imposed itself by force.” Marie-Francoise Colombani of Elle expressed concern that the world showed united outrage over the destruction of the Buddha statutes, but not on the treatment of women.

Learn more about the Taliban’s abuses against women in Afghanistan. Take Action!Urge Bush Administration to Oppose Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan


Agency French Press Ð April 26, 2001

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