Spotlight on UC San Diego: Feminist Campus.Org Featured FMLA

With only one year since chartering, the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT SAN DIEGO Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) has made a tremendous impact on the feminist and political climate on their campus.

Determined to establish a permanent feminist agenda on campus, FMLA activists worked to dispel current stereotypes about feminism and to transform the public debate on issues of importance to women’s lives. The group held a feminist Expo which featured information sessions, an organizational fair with over a dozen local reproductive rights and feminist organizations, and a “Faces of Feminism” wall of photos featuring celebrities, faculty, staff and students who identify as feminists.

According to FMLA President Corrine Hart, “[Now,] everyone wears our shirts: leaders on campus, guys, student government association [members]!” FMLA events chair Amy Uyeshima agrees that the event was transformative, “there’s a new buzz about feminism.”

Read more about the group and their amazing endeavors, http://www.feministcampus.org/featured/UCSanDiego_0802.asp

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