Stem Cell Research Ban “Troubles” HHS Secretary

In an unexpected contradiction to the anti-choice, anti-stem cell research position of the Bush Administration, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said during a Senate Budget Committee hearing last week that he was troubled by the law that prevents federal funding of stem cell research using discarded human embryos. Thompson said that he had always been a supporter of medical research and that as governor of Wisconsin, he had praised local scientists for the research they had done with stem cells. Immediately after the hearing, a Thompson spokesperson said Thompson meant to deliver the exact opposite message. Stem cell research, which involves removing cells from the tissue of surplus human embryos, which are destined to be discarded by fertility clinics, could provide cures to debilitating disease like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer. Stem cell research has been under attack by anti-choice groups, and President Bush has indicated that he opposes it.


New York Times Ð March 8, 2001

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