Stop Impeachment! Working Assets Offers Free Calls to Congress

Working Assets Long Distance, in association with a group called “Censure and Move On,” is providing free phone calls to Congress from today through December 11th, 1998, in the hopes that thousands of concerned citizens will take action and move to stop the presidential impeachment proceedings.

1) Call toll free 1-877-TO-MOVEON (1-877-866-6836) to reach the Capitol Hill switchboard and ask for your representative (or give your zip code). If you get a busy signal, try again or use the direct number, 1-202-224-3121 (direct number is not toll-free).

2) Once you reach your representative’s office, let the staff member know:

that you are a constituent (by giving your name and city)

that you are opposed to impeachment

that you expect Congress to immediately “MOVE ON” to important issues, and express your own personal concerns and ask for a response from your representative.

Once you have made your call, please go to http://www.moveon.org/actionplus.htm so that “Censure and Move On” can keep a tally of callers and report that number to the press.

Please tell your friends and colleagues and encourage them to call 1-877-TO-MOVEON as well!


Move On - December 9, 1998

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