Strong Gender Gap for Hillary in NY

In the race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rick Lazio for the New York Senate, Clinton has pulled ahead 48 percent to Lazio’s 39 percent. The lead widens even more„51 percent to 41 percent„when undecided voters were urged to say which way they were leaning. The gender gap has also widened to 9 points in this race with 52 percent of women favoring Hillary Rodham Clinton compared to only 43 percent of men. The gap is even wider in the suburbs: 54 percent of suburban women chose Clinton compared to 34 percent of suburban men„a huge 20 point gender gap. Up until recently, Lazio had a firm hold on the suburban women’s vote„43 percent to Clinton’s 36 percent„but a debate between the two candidates produced a significant shift away from Lazio. Women voters considered Lazio to be aggressive, immature and inexperienced next to a poised and professional Clinton. Both women (51 percent) and men (43 percent) agreed Clinton won the debate.


New York Times _ September 21, 2000

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