Strong Support for Gun Control, Abortion: Religious Attendance Rare for Large Portion of Voters

Exit polling results reveal that the electorate is far less religious and far more supportive of gun control laws and abortion rights than the political consultants of both parties would have us believe. Voter News Service nationwide exit polling found that 41% of voters said that they either seldom (28%) or never (14%) attend religious services. Sixty percent of voters support stricter gun control laws. The majority of voters – 56% — support abortion rights, with 23% believing abortion should always be legal and 33% saying abortion should mostly be legal.

Election 2000 saw appeals to unions and “working families” with little reference to women workers. But it was working women nationwide, who were a mainstay of Gore’s support. Of working women, 58% voted for Gore with only 39% for Bush.


Feminist Majority Foundation

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