Student Protests Continue in CA, Feminist Activists Play Part

Feminist campus activists have played a key role in student protests across the University of California system, which have been ongoing since a decision Friday to raise student tuition and fees by 32 percent. According to the New York Times, the increase is approximately $2,500 per student, per year. The University of California currently faces a $1 billion budget gap, and has received $716 million in federal stimulus funds, reported the New York Times.

Protesters occupied a campus building and hundreds rallied outside at UC Los Angeles on Friday after the system’s Board of regents voted in favor of the fee hike, accordin to the LA Times. Approximately 70 students at UC Santa Cruz peacefully vacated an administrative building they had occupied for three days after being threatened to be arrested, according to CNN. At UC Berkeley, up to 50 protesters briefly occupied a campus building on Friday and more than 500 rallied outside against the fee increases, reported the Wall Street Journal.

To read more about the protests from a feminist campus activist’s point of view, go here.


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