Study Compares Latex, Polyurethane Condoms

A recent study on the effectiveness of condoms reveals that latex condoms are less likely than those made of polyurethane to slip or break during use and may more effectively prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However latex condoms were also found to be slightly less effective than polyurethane in preventing pregnancy.

Researchers at Harbor University of California and the Los Angeles Medical Center studied 805 heterosexual monogamous couples over a period of 6 months. During that period, the rate at which polyurethane condoms failed by slipping or breaking was 8.5%, while the comparable rate for latex condoms was 6.3%.

The pregnancy rate for couples using polyurethane condoms was 4.8%, while the pregnancy rate for couples using latex condoms was slightly higher at 6.3%.


Reuters - April 29, 1999

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