Study Finds Canadian Women Behind in Investment Industry

Canadian men outnumber women four to one in all jobs in the investment industry except support staff occupations, says a new study conducted by the Canadian non-profit group Women in Capital Markets. Women in Capital Markets (WCM) conducted the study as part of its regular examination of Canadian women’s involvement in the workforce. The report also found that women occupy only 12 percent of managing director-and-above positions in the private retail market. Said WCM President, Jacqueline Szeto, in a press release, “Leaders in the financial community now recognize the challenges women face in building their careers in the capital markets […] However, they are still struggling with how to address the issue.”

WCM has produced these “Benchmarking” reports periodically since 2000 in conjunction with Catalyst, a US-based non-profit organization that works to promote women in business. Many within the two organizations hope that the study will lead to increased diversity within Canadian businesses. “Today we urge firms to also measure success by showing an increase in the number of talented women in their ranksÐ starting with the senior level,” said Sonya Kunkel, Senior Director with Catalyst Canada.


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