Study Reveals Harsh Conditions for Women in Afghanistan

Physicians for Human Rights published a recent study on the conditions Afghanistan women have suffered under Taliban rule. Its findings show that women in Afghanistan continually face heinous abuse and are suffering from lack of health care and education.

“We are not aware of any place in the world in recent history where women have so systematically been deprived of every opportunity to survive in the society — from working to getting an education to walking on the street to getting health care,” said Leonard Rubenstein, executive director of Physicians for Human Rights.

The report gave accounts of women who died from easily curable diseases such as appendicitis because hospitals turned them away. Many women have also died during labor because they have no access to medical aid. Even in instances where a woman is allowed access to treatment, she is not allowed to communicate directly with her doctor. The doctor instead speaks to a male relative, who is responsible for communicating her symptoms.

Feelings of desperation continue to grow amongst women in Afghanistan. Reports of suicide and depression have increased as women are stripped of their rights and their hope.


New York Times - October 8, 1998

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