Study Shows Fewer Women Directors Hired

The Directors Guild of America’s annual report shows that 91 percent of film directors hired in the United States in 1996 were men and 93 percent were white. The guild’s president, Jack Shea, commented on the findings, “Employment levels for DGA women and minorities are simply unacceptable. The producers must find more effective ways to bring talented females and individuals with a diversity of ethnic backgrounds into our business.” The number of days worked by DGA women declined from 22.76 percent in 1995 to 22.63 percent in 1996. The guild’s vice president, Martha Coolidge, added, “These statistics are an embarrassment to our industry. It is bad enough to see how small the growth is in working days for minorities, but it is particularly disheartening to see the percentage of days worked by women actually dropping.”


United Press International - June 12, 1997

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