Study Shows Pregnancy Prevention Programs Cost Effective

A new study conducted by the Center for Children and Families reports that government programs aimed to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies are economically beneficial. Such programs save taxpayers between $2 and $6 for every $1 spent.

Moreover, the researchers found that the media campaign aimed at promoting safe sex could save taxpayers up to $431 million per year, and sex education and programs aimed at preventing pregnancy could save up to $356 annually. Increased access to family planning through Medicaid leads to the greatest savings for taxpayers, with total savings of $1.32 billion if an investment of $235 million is put into the program.

According to Adam Thomas, the author of the study, “Evidence-based pregnancy prevention interventions are public policy trifectas: They generate taxpayer savings, they improve the lives of children and families and they reduce the incidence of abortion.” The researchers examined various government programs, including safe sex advertisements financed by the government, teenage pregnancy prevention programs, and Medicaid family planning services, to determine the savings derived from each

Media Sources National Partnership for Women and Families 3/7/12; NPR 3/6/12; New York Times 3/5/12

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