Sudan Closes all Schools as Students are Killed in Country-Wide Protests

As protesting students took the streets of Sudan, their cries were drowned by heavy gunfire which led to the authorities suspending all schools beginning this Wednesday. Governors of all states have been ordered to shut kindergartens, primary, and high schools until further notice.

Children in their uniform joined other demonstrators to protest horrific living conditions and food shortages. These street protests turned deadly on Monday when six people were killed and 62 were injured in demonstrations where security forces open fired in order to disperse the crowd.

The chaotic atmosphere in the country is the direct result of the recent Sudanese uprising. Rallies were held to protest rising costs of food and the shortage of basic amenities but eventually turned into a campaign calling for the removal of President Omar al-Bashir. A military council took control to oversee a transition of power after al-Bashir was removed from office, but civilians continued to protest for democratic elections.

Widespread violence has marked Sudan’s political upheaval as paramilitary groups open fired on peaceful protestors earlier in June plunging the state deeper into mass bloodshed and chaos. These protests have been largely dominated and led by Sudanese women who were ferociously oppressed under Bashir’s government. As women took part in protests, they were systemically targeted by security forces and soldiers who arrested, senselessly beat and raped women in order to deter them from protesting.


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