Suicide Bomber Kills Afghan Girl and American Woman in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber killed an Afghan girl and an American woman and wounded five others in Kabul, Afghanistan yesterday. According to the Associated Press, the blast occurred in a busy shopping area popular with foreigners.

The 23-year-old American woman who was killed, Jamie Michalsky, worked as a translator in Uzbekistan. She was in Afghanistan seeking medical treatment for an injured hand. The Afghan girl who was killed was selling magazines on the street. Three NATO soldiers and two children were also wounded, reports the New York Times.

Meanwhile, 81 percent of the ballots have been counted showing President Hamid Karzai in the lead with almost 55 percent of the votes, reports the LA Times. While the Taliban did not launch any serious attacks during the elections, after security operations eased following the elections the Taliban claimed responsibility for several attacks, including an attack in southeastern Afghanistan that killed three American soldiers and their interpreter last Wednesday.

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