SUNY NEW PALTZ Exposes Local Fake Clinic

In support of truth and equality, and in response to an article praising a local “Pregnancy Support Center,” the SUNY NEW PALTZ FMLA recently spoke out against these fake clinics in a letter published in their campus paper, oracle.newpaltz.edu/print.cfm?a_id=482, describing these centers as “nothing more than a disguised, non-medical, anti-choice religious service that preaches against abortion, birth-control and pre-marital sex.” Congratulations SUNY NEW PALTZ on educating your campus on the real agenda of these centers, informing your peers about legitimate medical resources in her community, and extending an opportunity for students to get involved in FMLA activities. Check out this article and more feminist features and FMLA activism at, www.FeministCampus.org/journalism/journalism_studentwork.asp


Feminist Majority Foundation

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