Supporters Form Campaign to Persuade Elizabeth Dole to Run for President

Despite statements of disinterest in running for president in the year 2000 election, Elizabeth Dole has gained a large number of supporters hopeful for her candidacy.

A “Draft Elizabeth Dole” action has been started by Republican activist Earl Cox in an effort to persuade the current president of the American Red Cross and wife of 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole to run for the presidency.

“Elizabeth Dole has an impeccable reputation for being a person of high moral character,” Cox stated. “Her government and corporate experience have earned her a reputation for being a strong and honest leader. Untainted by politics, Elizabeth Dole is well-qualified.”

Cox is working on setting up headquarters in Dole’s hometown, Salisbury, N.C., currently, and is hoping for an additional office in Kansas, Mr. Dole’s home state.

The “Draft Elizabeth Dole” campaign has also filed federal candidate paperwork to raise funds for their project, despite Dole’s declaration of not planning to run for the presidency.

Earlier this year Dole said, “I’ve said I’m not going to run, and I have no plans to run.” However, in a speech in September she commented, “I guess, I’ve learned in this world never to say never.”

Dole held Cabinet positions in the Reagan and Bush administrations, and continues to lead the American Red Cross.

A CNN-USA Gallop poll conducted in May revealed that Texas Governor George W. Bush is in the lead for Republican presidential candidate in the next election. Elizabeth Dole placed second, ahead of former Vice President Dan Quayle and former vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp.


AP - December 4, 1998

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