Supreme Court Denies Anti-Abortion Extremists’ Appeal

The Supreme Court refused without comment to hear an appeal by anti-abortion extremists on Monday in the “Nuremberg Files” case. The case, American Coalition of Life Activists (ACLA) v. Planned Parenthood, originated as a suit filed in 1999 by Planned Parenthood of Oregon and four Oregon doctors listed on WANTED-style posters on the Nuremberg Files website against 13 anti-abortion extremists and the anti-abortion groups American Coalition of Life Activists and Advocates for Life Ministries. The website included personal information about the doctors, and the names of doctors who were murdered had lines through them crossing them off. “[This case] is about protecting doctors’ lives,” said Maria Vullo, attorney for Planned Parenthood, according to the Associated Press.

The anti-abortion extremists were ordered by an Oregon jury to pay $108 million in damages, which was reduced to $4.73 million by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to comply with a 2003 Supreme Court precedent. The Supreme Court’s decision not to rehear the case lets stand the reduced damages.

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Associated Press 5/1/06; Feminist Majority Foundation

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