Supreme Court Upholds Virginia Redistricting

On Monday, June 17th,  the Supreme Court decided to uphold district re-drawings in spite of republican’s challenge to reverse racially gerrymandered districts.

Written by Justice Ginsburg, majority 5-4 decision states Virginia preferred to “stop than fight on,” illuminating that they are ready for an election with these already redrawn districts.

These districts were originally drawn then were taken to supreme court by Virginia House Republicans, upset with the new districts and hoping to secure their positions in the upcoming election.

This decision could lead to the passage of the ERA. The Equal Rights Amendment would only need one more state for its ratification to the US Constitution. The last ratification was in Nevada on March 21st 2017; making Virginians and activists eager to get on the campaign trail and elect ERA supporting candidates.

The ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment has been long awaited. With its conception in 1923 after the ratification of the 19th amendment, Alice Paul wrote the amendment to guarantee  constitutional protection beyond the “due process” clause of the 14th amendment.

This amendment is designed to explicitly protect that rights “shall not be denied or abridged… on the account of sex.” This amendment would be precedent in future Supreme Court cases, establishing equality of sec as the law of the land.


Media Resources: NPR 6/17/19, The Washington Post 6/17/19, Feminist Newswire 5/6/19

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