Survey Ranks Lobbyists for National Health Policy

A new survey reveals the top 25 most powerful movers and shakers influencing national health policy today. The survey, conducted by The Hill, a Capitol Hill publication, looked at 171 interest groups working on health policy and ranked the top 25 based on anonymous interviews with Congressional staffers.

Of the 25 most powerful players, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PharMA) weighs in as the most influential, followed by the American Medical Association (AMA). The National Right to Life Committee ranks number eight, well above Planned Parenthood Federation of America (12), NARAL Pro-Choice America (14), the American Cancer Society (15), and the National Breast Cancer Coalition (21).

“You would hope that cancer experts and reproductive health care providers would rank higher than an anti-abortion advocacy group,” said Beth Jordan, MD, medical director for the Feminist Majority Foundation. “It is also disturbing that big business interests, represented by PharMA, are more influential than the medical doctors of the AMA. American women and men deserve to have a health policy that takes medicine and science into greater consideration than economic interest or anti-abortion ideology.”

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The Hill 10/1/03; Feminist Majority Foundation

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