Survivor Rescued From Bangladesh Building Wreckage

On Friday rescuers in Dhaka, Bangladesh saved a woman who is still alive after the eight story building collapsed on April 24. The woman was discovered as a rescuer was cutting away iron rods and heard her cries for help.

The woman, identified as Reshma, was in the building’s prayer room at the time of the collapse. The debris formed a space around Reshma with enough room for her to stand, and she was able to locate food and water nearby that lasted until two days ago.

Reshma’s miraculous rescue comes as the death toll from the collapse surpasses 1,000, making it the world’s worst industrial disaster since the 1984 Bhopal disaster in India. 2,500 people were rescued with 1,000 suffering serious injuries. There is no estimate of how many people remain missing. The majority of those dead are female garment workers from the building’s five garment factories.


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