Suspect in Anti-Abortion Murder May Have Planned More Killings

Peter James Knight, charged with the July murder of a security guard at Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne, Australia, may have intended to use more deadly force in his campaign to use violence to end abortion. According to a report in the Australian Herald Sun the jury in Knight’s trial was told that Knight “had enough ammunition and kerosene to cause a dreadful tragedy.” When arrested by law enforcement shortly after shooting Steven Rogers in the reception area of the clinic, Knight was found to have 16 liters of kerosene, 3 lighters, torches, 30 gags, metal tubes which could have been used to nail the doors of the reproductive health clinic closed, and a handwritten note that read, “We regret to advise that as a result of a fatal accident involving some members of staff, we have been forced to cancel all appointments today.” 41 people were inside Fertility Control Clinic on July 16, 2001 when Knight entered the building and shot the security guard to death at close range. Three men who were waiting in the reception area were able to restrain Knight before he was taken into custody. After his arrest, Knight wrote, “There will not be an abortionist in Melbourne left deathless.”


Herald Sun, 4/16/02

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