Swedish Foreign Minister Dies After Attack

Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh died from multiple stab wounds today. The Associated Press reports that Lindh was thought to be a potential successor to the current Prime Minister, Goeran Persson, in a country that has never had a female prime minister in its history.

Swedish police did not think her killing was politically motivated, even though the attack came three days before the Swedes vote on a referendum to adopt the Euro as its currency, AP reports. Lindh was a supporter of Sweden adopting the Euro as its common currency.

According to the New York Times, Lindh was a very powerful figure in Sweden’s Social Democrat Party. In her career, Lindh had served as environmental minister and was a member of the Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament) from 1982-1985.

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Associated Press 9/11//03; New York Times 9/11/03

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