Lindsey Graham Holds Hearing on Dangerous Anti-Abortion Act

Today, Senator Lindsey Graham, the head of the Judicial Committee, is holding a hearing on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a dangerous bill based on “junk science” that would make abortion after 20 weeks illegal. This bill could have lethal consequences for women who “are faced with pregnancies complicated by severe birth defects that […]


The Woman Behind the Impression: Kate Mckinnon

She’s donned a jabot and hurled “Ginsburns” and yelled at Matt Damon’s Brett Kavanaugh while wearing a prosthetic turkey neck as Lindsey Graham: Kate McKinnon, the longest-serving female cast member of Saturday Night Live, made history in 2012 when she signed onto the show as the first openly lesbian cast member. McKinnon is best known […]