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Prominent Doctors’ Groups Standing for Medicare For All

The second largest doctors’ group in the country, American College of Physicians (ACP) endorsed Medicare For All challenging other large doctor’s coalitions. This shift signifies changing ideals within the healthcare industry about a government plan. Second only to the American Medical Association (AMA), the ACP published a position paper arguing the benefits of a single-payer […]

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Healthcare Tops List of Iowa Voter Concerns

An exit poll from NBC News, CNN, and the Associated Press shows that healthcare is a top voter concern among Iowan Democrats; ranking ahead of issues like climate change or foreign policy. However, healthcare policy may not be the deciding factor of who people are going to vote for. According to Kimberly Leonard, senior healthcare […]


Kamala Harris’ Proposal Provides a Middle-Ground on Healthcare

This morning, two days before she takes the stage for the second Democratic presidential debate, Senator Kamala Harris released her new Medicare For All plan, calling for a government-run health insurance system that includes provisions for private insurance plans. Though Harris originally signed onto Senator Sanders’ Medicare For All legislation, which details an expedited path […]