Taliban Captures More Territory; Foreign Ministers Condemn Human Rights Abuses

Afghanistan’s northern opposition alliance lost territory to the Taliban in this weekend’s fighting and has launched a counterattack. The number of casualities has not yet been reported.

Since the fundamentalist Taliban regime took control of Afghanistan’s capital city in September 1996, women have been systematically stripped of their human rights. A series of decrees prohibit women from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a husband, brother or uncle, forbid girls from attending school and deny women access to healthcare.

In London, Group of Eight foreign ministers issued a statement condemning the Taliban for its human rights abuses. The statement urged the Taliban to “end the appalling human rights abuses in Afghanistan, including discrimination against women and girls,” to reduce production, trade, and abuse of drugs there, and to cease support of foreign terrorists. The ministers also urged all countries to deny arms and supplies to the warring factions.

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Reuters - May 9, 1998

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