Taliban Continues Restrictive Rule

The Taliban deree against possession of televisions and VCRs has resulted in theft of television sets by theives posing as Taliban officials.

Taliban officials denounced these robberies as the destruction of private property and warned residents that genuine Taliban authorities wear official armbands and are accompanied by religious scholar, who advise military officials. Many Kabul residents still secretly watch television through the use of makeshift satellite dishes, crafted from bicycle wheels or cooking pots.

Still others have chosen to leave the war-torn country, where, over the past couple of days, the Taliban expelled more than 20 non-governmental organizations. Aid workers were forced to either leave Afghanistan or to move to an abandoned schoolground with no running water, electricity, or windows. UN officials have orderedTaliban officials to reinstate the non-governmental organizations by August 31st.


Agence Free Press - July 25, 1998

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