Taliban Threatens Women’s Group

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) postponed a demonstration slated for December 27 in Peshawar, Pakistan after a man who claiming to be a spokesperson for the Taliban threatened to break the legs of protesters.

The man further stated that Taliban laws apply to all Afghans, even those who live in other countries including Pakistan, and that Afghan women are forbidden from leaving their homes and may not protest in the streets.

RAWA sought protection from local police, but later agreed to postpone the protest when the police stated that they were unable to protect RAWA members from the Taliban.

In another related story, human rights organization Amnesty International called for protection for Afghan intellectuals living in Pakistan.

According to BBC World Service, the Taliban has threatened numerous Afghan intellectuals with death, has commanded them to stop all anti-Taliban activities, and is responsible for the murder of at least four well-known Afghan intellectuals.


Frontier Post - December 27, 1998 and BBC World Service

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