Taliban Tightens Restrictions on Foreign Aid Agencies

After shutting down its offices one week ago, the Taliban arrested Afghan employees of International Assistance Mission (IAM). The fundamentalist Islamic regime had accused IAM and SERVE, both Christian aid groups, of preaching Christianity, and is completing the trial of eight foreign aid workers from Shelter Now International accused of proselytizing Christianity.

According to the United Nations, international organizations spend $800,000 in Afghanistan daily, employing 250 foreign aid workers and 20,000 Afghans. Earlier this year, the Taliban instituted rules for foreign organizations. They must clear all employees through the Taliban Foreign Ministry, and obey gender apartheid imposed by the Taliban and other restrictions. Last week, the Taliban issued a commission to more closely enforce those regulations and issued a new decree saying that foreign aid organizations must put their money in the Afghan State Bank.

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Associated Press and The News International, Pakistan Ð September 10, 2001

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