Tarana Burke Discusses Intersectional Issues of the Me Too Movement at Time 100 Summit

Tarana Burke, the founder of the Me Too Movement, spoke as a part of this year’s inaugural Time 100 Most Influential People Summit on Tuesday. Included in her speech Burke pointed out the need for more conversations about the untold stories of minority women, and the inclusion of survivors of all genders.

In her reflection, Burke pointed out that the movement has gained momentum from the focus on white female celebrities accusing powerful men throughout Hollywood of sexual assault and misconduct. She acknowledged that it is far easier for the public to discuss and call out big powerful men who are known “bad guys” rather than examine those in our own lives that may be committing the same offenses. She reiterated the importance of examining our own behavior as well as everyone in our lives, even those men who we may initially see as allies or “good guys.”

While this has given way to an increased awareness of survivors of sexual violence, Burke was critical that many stories of minority women have been ignored and unnoticed. Burke, a survivor of sexual assault herself, stated that “the women of color, trans women, and queer people—our stories get pushed aside and our pain is never prioritized.”

Burke also highlighted that the Me Too movement is not just a women’s movement and that survivors of all genders must be included. She hopes that the focus on men involved in the movement can shift to the men who are survivors.


Media: Time 2019; Variety 2019; Huffington Post 2019

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