Target Discontinues Grants to Planned Parenthood

For the past ten years, the Target Foundation has given an annual donation to Planned Parenthood. Their Guest Relations department says that changes in their foundation board led to changes in annual gifts, but many suspect that Target is bowing to pressure from anti-abortion groups, who have waged a 10-year boycott against the popular retail chain. In 1990, Target discontinued the funding of Planned Parenthood in order to distance itself from abortion controversies. After protests from abortion rights and women’s rights supporters, Target resumed donations to Planned Parenthood in 1991. Now the Target Foundation’s director is saying, “It is not our intention in any way to take a stance on this issue.”

Target’s last grant to Planned Parenthood was relatively small, compared to the foundation’s overall budget. It gave $18,000, earmarked for education on HIV/AIDS and pregnancy prevention at locations that do not offer abortion services. This year, they plan to give $86 million – but none of it to Planned Parenthood.

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Minneapolis Star Tribune - April 28, 2001

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