Targeting of U of WI Medical Center by Anti-Choice Protestors Continues

Anti-choice protestors are continuing to target the University of Wisconsin Medical Center a year after the center announced plans to offer abortions to women up to the 22nd week of pregnancy. New abortion services are not yet offered at the medical center. Anti-choice protestors are planning a large protest in February and have previously turned out crowds numbering in the hundreds. UW Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Brunette told the Wisconsin State Journal, that “we will not do anything that will increase the risk of security problems at the site or the threat of harassment from those who oppose providing abortions.” She also acknowledged that “it is true that getting ready to do [abortions between 19 and 22 weeks] has taken longer than originally anticipated.” The University of Wisconsin announced its plan to offer second-term abortions at one of their campus health clinics in 2009. The University of Wisconsin Health Center Authority Board voted 11 to 3 to offer the procedure at a hearing in February 2009. The university decided to consider offering the procedure after learning that the only area provider who offered abortions up to the 22nd week of pregnancy retired.


Wisconsin State Journal 1/17/10; Feminist Daily Newswire 2/6/09

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