Tax Rebate Won’t Benefit Poor, Working Women

The late-summer tax rebates will not likely benefit the poor or working women, according to research by the Citizens for Tax Justice and the Coalition on Women and Taxes. While the Bush Administration promises rebate checks for 95 million taxpayers this summer, almost half of Americans in the bottom 60 percent of income earners will receive little or nothing. Nearly 35 million individuals and families will receive no rebate, due to the discrepancy between taxable income and income under the Bush tax plan.

The Feminist Majority and the Coalition on Women and Taxes have shown that women, who are disproportionately represented in the two lowest income brackets, will be hurt by the Bush tax plan, which does not provide a percentage cut in the tax rate for the $6001-$27,050 tax bracket, the bracket that represents women’s median income.

For more information on the Bush tax plan and its effects on women, visit the National Women’s Law Center


Washington Post - June 3, 2001

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