Teenager Works for “Girl Power”

The March issue of YM features 15-year-old Ariel Fox, owner of Sticker Sisters. Fox designs and sells magnets, buttons, shoelaces and stickers that feature feminist phrases focusing on “girl power,” domestic violence and sexual abuse. Sticker Sisters’ clients range from grandmothers to rock bands and can be found in eight countries and across the United States. Fox, a 10th-grader at Montgomery Blair High School, said, “A lot of girls aren’t really proud to be girls. That’s not something they’re really taught, that it’s fun to be a girl or it’s a good thing.” Fox creates the stickers and other products on her home computer, using the profits to create new merchandise. Fox envisions a world in which girls do not need stickers to proclaim their own self-worth. “What would be nice to see is that they don’t need to feel that they need to rely on the stickers to make the statement …. What I want is for more people to get it on their own,” said Fox. Contact Ariel Fox and Sticker Sisters at P.O. Box 11480, Takoma Park, Md. 20193, at stickersis@aol.com or on the Web, www.stickersisters.com.


Washington Post - February 12, 1998

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