Temporary Injunction Delays Oklahoma Anti-Abortion Law

A temporary injunction has prevented an Oklahoma anti-abortion law from going into effect November 1. The law, Senate Bill 1878, would have required doctors to perform an ultrasound and provide a woman with a detailed description of her fetus an hour prior to receiving an abortion, according to The Edmond Sun.

Nova Health Systems, parent group of Tulsa’s Reproductive Services, filed the injunction request arguing that the law would violate a woman’s right to privacy because it would force her to listen to unwelcome, government dictated language in a private setting, according to Tulsa World.

Charlie Price, Spokesman for Attorney General Drew Edmondson, said the Attorney General’s office had no objection to the temporary injunction as long as the process moves forward with motions and a hearing on the preliminary injunction, according to NewsOK. The injunction, granted by District Judge Vicki Robertson, will delay the law from going into effect until March 27.


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