Terrorist Claims to Flee Afghanistan

The Afghan Islamic Press has reported that Osama bin Laden, the terrorist accused of bombing U.S. embassies in both Kenya and Tanzania, is leaving the country that has protected him from extradition to the U.S. or a third country.

The AIP stated that “Osama has decided to leave Afghanistan because of fears of expected attacks from the United States and also because of how much more Afghanistan can suffer because of him.” The Taliban, who have denied that bin Laden is responsible for the bombings, is supportive of his decision. It was reported cited that “the Taliban has expressed their willingness over Osama’s decision, but they will not force his eviction from Afghanistan.”

The United States has requested that the militant regime who have instated a system of gender apartheid and persecuted tens of thousands of Afghan people turn bin Laden over to either U.S. authorities or a neutral country to be prosecuted for his alleged crimes. The Taliban has refused, citing reasons that they have “no extradition treaty” with Washington, as the U.S. does not recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government.


Nando Times and Reuters - July 30, 1999

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