The New College Leadership Alliance Pro-Choice Demonstration Headlines Local TV News

Last week, the New College Leadership Alliance organized a demonstration to support the Sarasota Women’s Health Clinic, which is repeatedly harassed by anti-choice picketers who with enormous graphic posters. The group mobilized over 40 pro-choice activists who dwarfed the small gathering of anti-choice picketers. Members Carly Earnshaw and Britt Dunn were interviewed by the Sarasota News Network, which aired the pro-choice demonstration as the top news story of the day! The group will continue to work with the Clinic and mobilize community support to send a strong message to the that harassment and violence against women’s health clinics will not be tolerated.

For more info on strategies to protect women’s access to abortion services, please read Unit 3 of the Study and Action Manual (www.feministcampus.org/sam3.asp) and contact a Field Representative toll-free at 866-444-FMLA or email us at CampusTeam@feminist.org.

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