Three Afghan Women Killed As Warning to Stop Working for Aid Groups

Three Afghan women were found raped and strangled to death in the northern province of Baghlan with a warning for women to stop working for aid groups. One of the three was a 25-year-old woman who was working for a Bangladeshi non-governmental organization (NGO). The bodies were found with a note stating “this is retribution for those women who are working in NGO’s and those who are involved in whoredom,” reports Reuters.

Aid workers, particularly women, have been the targets of Taliban-led attacks and some organizations have withdrawn staff due to Taliban threats. A group named “Afghan Youths Convention” has claimed responsibility for the murders of the three women. It is currently unclear if the group has connections with the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Afghan authorities have arrested six men for killing a woman named Amina in the northwestern province of Badakhshan for committing adultery, reports the Associated Press. The six men including the mullah who reportedly authorized the woman’s father to kill his daughter, the woman’s father, her alleged lover, and three other men will go on trial as soon as the charges are prepared by the attorney-general.

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