Tiller Grand Jury Subpoenas Kansas Attorney General

The grand jury investigating Dr George Tiller subpoenaed Kansas Attorney General Stephen Six’s office this week. The grand jury is seeking medical records from Dr. Tiller’s patients that the office obtained in a previous investigation along with testimony provided by a doctor who gave a second opinion for some Tiller patients, reports the Associated Press.

These subpoenas follow the grand jury’s demands for the medical records of some 2,000 women from Dr. George Tiller’s Wichita clinic. Dr. Tiller’s attorneys appealed to the Kansas Supreme Court, arguing that turning over the records would violate patients’ privacy. The Kansas Supreme Court temporarily blocked the subpoena while it reviews the case.

Dr. Tiller is one of the few late-term abortion providers available for women with troubled pregnancies and complicated health problems. This investigation was convened last month as the result of a petition drive led by the anti-abortion extremist group Operation Rescue. Kansas is one of six states that allow citizens to petition for a grand jury to convene. Previous investigations into Dr. Tiller’s clinic have not produced evidence of any wrong-doing.

You can help Dr. Tiller! Send him and his staff a letter of support, or donate today to help defray his legal costs!


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