Todd Akin Will Run in Missouri Senate Race

Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) has passed the deadline for withdrawing his campaign for the United States Senate, meaning he will officially be on the ballot in November challenging incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Many had urged Akin to drop out of the race before today’s deadline after his infamous statements on “legitimate rape.”

“For the about 100th time or so, I am in this race,” Akin commented to reporters at a fundraiser Monday night. Akin plans to use the deadline to increase donations to his campaign, starting with a statewide bus tour.

In an interview aired on August 19th, Akin claimed that “legitimate rape” does not usually lead to pregnancy. “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin said to KTVI-TV. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.” [Emphasis added]

Since the interview, many Republicans, including Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), and four former Missouri Senators, have urged Akin to step down from the race.

Media Resources: Kansas City Star 9/25/12; Feminist Newswire 8/24/12

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