Tokyo Police Face Criminal Charges For Ignoring Stalking Victims Pleas

Shiori Ino, a 21-year old college student, was stabbed to death inside of a Tokyo shopping mall stark daylight by men hired by her former boyfriend. Her death came just four months after she filed police reports that her boyfriend was stalking her. The police department failed to intervene and an internal investigation showed that three officers within the department altered Ino’s report “so they wouldn’t have to pursue the case.” This week the Urawa District Court sentenced two of the officers to an eighteen-month suspended sentence while the third officer received a fourteen-month sentence. Ino’s father criticizes that the verdict was not severe enough. “As a parent, I question whether it was really sufficient. The court clearly acknowledged that the police failed to pursue the case properly,” remarked Ino’s father. The prosecution even at the start of the trial in July never sought sufficient sentencing for the three officers. Prosecutors requested eighteen-month prison sentence for officers charged with falsifying documents that resulted in the death of Shiori Ino.


Associated Press (http://www.wire.ap.org) 07 September 2000

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