Transgendered Librarian’s Restroom Privileges Questioned

David Davis had been employed by Minneapolis’ public schools for nearly 3 decades before he began his new life as “Debra” Davis last year.

Last fall, one of Debra’s colleagues, teacher Carla Cruzan, filed a complaint against the state of Minnesota’s Human Rights Department Monday, arguing that Davis’ use of the women’s restroom violated her rights to “privacy and modesty.” Represented by Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice, Cruzan asked that Davis be banned from using the women’s room.

Davis has not revealed whether she has undergone a surgical sex change, but did announce that she has no intention of switching to the men’s restroom. “It’s too bad people are so unaccepting and intolerant,” she commented.

Minnesota is the only state that provides legal protection for transgendered persons. Southwest High Principal Robert McCauley defended his school’s policies, saying, “To our best knowledge, we are operating within the law.”


AP - August 25, 1999

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